Additive building solutions up to 500°C (printing) or up to 650°C (stress-free-annealing)

Industrialization of 3D metal printing

To make 3D print technology, SLM technology in the powder bed in particular, industry-capable, special hurdles have to be overcome:

  • Preventing inaccuracies and risk of accidents through residual stresses in the workpiece
  • De-powdering and cleaning printed workpieces in a simple and safe manner
  • Lean and economic post-machining, partially or fully automated

That places the highest requirements on the installation space and the construction platform. In close cooperation with renowned machine manufacturers, we have developed special solutions here, including a zero-point positioning and clamping system and insulated industrial cylinders (construction shafts) with a heat resistance of to 500°C (pre-heating temperature of the installation space, stress-free annealing).

To do this, we focus on the following key points:

  • Support for the machine manufacturers in the industrialization of 3D print technology with respect to installation space and workpiece handling
  • Retrofitting a zero-point positioning and clamping system at the user for existing workpiece palletizing and transfer machines in order to make the post-machining process more efficient and automatable
  • Support for independent software partners offering the suitable software (ANSYS, CREO, CADS.ADDITIVE)
  • Contract manufacture of additive, hybrid or conventional components, e.g. for capacity bottlenecks, prototypes, production line start-ups
  • Development and service partners 


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  • Testteil-Palette 100x200 - SLM
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  • Testteil-Palette 50x100 - SLM
  • Testteil-Palette 50x100 verbunden mit 100x100 - SLM
  • Testteil-Palette 5x 50x50 - SLM